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Transport Central is a New Hampshire non-profit that has been established to develop and deliver transportation services for residents of a 19 town region of Central NH, centered around Plymouth. Compared to other regions of NH with similar size or similar population, this area has very few public transportation services.

Our immediate goal is to initiate and provide dispatched and coordinated volunteer driver services to our residents who need transportation. Our initial emphasis will be on visits to hospital and doctor's appointments but over time and as we gain more traction this may change.

Our plans are being developed in conjunction with the NH DOT, the North Country Council, and our fellow members of the Grafton-Coos Regional Coordinating Council --
Tri-County CAP (North Country Transportation) and the Grafton County Senior Citizens Council. They are the other community transportation providers in our general area.

We are grateful for your ongoing support! Your involvement makes a vital difference in the lives of transportation-challenged Grafton County residents. Please call, write or email us to discuss ways you can become more actively involved. We'd really like to hear from you!

Transport Central previously obtained a grant from DOT , administered by North Country Council, to engage the transportation consultant Nelson/Nygaard to perform a transportation planning study for the 19-town Plymouth catchment area. This study was finished in Fall 2010 and its final report can be found found here.

Bethany Whitaker of Nelson/Nygaard presented the preliminary results of the study to the greater Plymouth area on September 29, 2010 at the Plymouth Regional Senior Center. Here is a video of the evening session introduced by our Executive Director, Patricia Kendall; it can be started by clicking on the right arrow and it can be viewed full-screen by clicking on the little star to the left of the word vimeo at the bottom of the video display area.